Thursday, May 1, 2008

My sweet boy

Today was the first day of the San Carlos farmers market. Last summer, Cameron and I would walk downtown to the farmers market from my apartment and eat fresh strawberries and peaches and other fruit for dinner every week. This year I hope it wont be any different. Today, Cameron ate soooo many strawberries... but he also got some pizza from speederia :) He walked around with a strawberry juice all evening and wouldnt let me wipe his face off. You can see the nice red beard in the last picture. There was this funny band playing called the rip tides. It was a bunch of old men in hawaiian shirts thinking they were so cool. Cameron enjoyed dancing. I took some pictures of our first official farmers market this year! I know im lame...

The last two nights, I have basically cried myself to sleep. I really try not to cry around Cameron because I dont want him to worry about me or get scared, but being a girl sometimes thats hard! He has seen me cry before and usually he just starts crying himself. These past two nights he has been the sweetest little boy to me. I am reminded how blessed I am. God has been so amazing to me, and has allowed Cameron to comfort me! :) I put Cameron in bed with me and the sweet boy kept saying "happy mom, please, happy mom." How can you not be happy with Cameron saying that in the sweetest voice. He kept hugging me and kissing and telling me he loved me. By far the cutest thing though is, after a few minutes of crying, he reached up for my eyes, and kept saying "no more water mom, no more water." He wanted me to stop my tears. Isnt that cute? After I stopped crying, I decided to pray and I asked Cameron to pray with me. It was like a little repeat after me session... but he did pray and it was darling. Im such a lucky mom!

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