Wednesday, August 26, 2009

San Mateo County Fair 2009

Now that my crazy Cameron loves roller coasters, Katie and I thought it would only be appropriate for us to take him to the San Mateo County Fair! It was in town last weekend and Cameron sure did have a blast! He couldn't get enough of the rollercoasters! Although, all of the "BIG" rides he wanted to go on he couldn't, because he wasn't tall enough. Better luck next time! I'm glad he had to stick to the kids rides! :)
Cameron and I when we first got to the fair.Cameron and I on a rollercoaster!!Cameron really wanted to go on the spinning apple! Those make me SICK!Ladybug Ride!Attempted picture with Katie, Cameron and myself. Sorry Camo! Pig races! The Swiftest Swin off the Line! Who will be the next weiner?
Can't go wrong with a corndog from the fair!
Look at how far Cameron has to lean forward to hold onto the railing! haha!
Waving to us on the rollercoaster! SO Brave!
Happy boy in a PINK airplane!
Cameron's new talent - WINKING!
Raising his hands in the airplane! Woohoo!
We ran into Braeden, and Luke at the fair too!

Elise's Bridal Shower

I love Elise. She makes my heart smile. I met her in 6th grade and we are still friends to this day. It's funny to see how different our lives were when we first met, and now here we are over 10 years later, both in love with Jesus and still in touch! Elise had her bridal shower a couple weeks ago, hosted by Jenny, whom I also met in 6th grade with Elise! :) It was a beautiful shower. I can't believe that Elise will be getting married in January. I think Elise has such a fabulous story and I am always constantly reminded by her that GOD IS SO FAITHFUL AND GOOD! Here are some lovely pictures of the Bride-to-be and a couple others!

Fenton's Creamery

Fenton's Creamery in Oakland is so delicious! They make all of their own ice cream and have HUGE portions! Fenton's was also featured in the Pixar movie, "Up."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marine World

We went to Marine World a few weekends ago. Well, it's actually called Discovery Kingdom now. I had never gone before, but have lived here my whole life! Crazy! It was so much fun. We also have two friends here for the summer as interns from Malawi, Africa, Funa and Christina, and they got to experience it for the first time too. Cameron loved, and I mean, LOVED the rollercoasters. No, not the puny, whimpy ones, but the fast, scary ones! I couldn't believe my little boy (okay, he's growing up but I can't admit it) wanted to taste danger and seek thrills! Here are some fun photos: Cameron with some characters

Cameron with Shouka the whale! Look at Cam's smile! :)

The dolphin show!

Cameron and I on the little kid roller coaster that wasn't crazy enough for him!

Mommy and Camo

Cameron kissing his Shouka stuffed animal that Katie and Charmaine bought him!

The Shouka Whale show!

Katie, Charmaine, and Cameron on his favorite ride, the really really spinny fast one! ugh!

Here they are on the ride again, while it's going, it was spinning so fast and Cameron kept yelling "faster."