Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, Cameron and I didn't go to a photobooth, but we took some fun pictures last weekend waiting for the Hometown Days Parade to begin. So, here is our improvised version of some photobooth shots! I love him.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Uno, Dos, Tres

Cuatro, Cinco, Seis, Siete, Ocho, Nueve, Diez. Ever since I went to Mexico in April, Cameron has been counting to 10 in spanish. And, he knows all of his colors in spanish too. He just sometimes gets bashful and pretends like he doesn't know how!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend.

On Saturday I spent the day with my mom. My dad scheduled manicures for my mom, my sister, and myself. It was such a nice treat. Then, for dinner, my dad BBQ'd Prawns and corn. yum. I got my mom tickets to go see Wicked, and we are going this Thursday. I'm excited to take my mommy out on a date! :)

Sunday was just as wonderful. I had a knock on my door in the morning, and when I went to open it, I was surprised to find a bouquet of flowers and cards from sweet friends. That afternoon Jenni, Autumn, Katie, Myself, and Cameron all went to Half Moon Bay and enjoyed a beautiful time at the beach. It was sunny and warm and so perfect. In the evening we all went to church. Wow, was I shocked when Gary (the pastor at PCC) called me up to the front of church. They wanted to recognize me and honor me as being Cameron's mommy. I was given beautiful pink flowers, and a gift bag with candles, chocolates, a gift certificate to a spa, and lots of other goodies. On top of that, Gary read a beautiful note that Jenni wrote. Here it is:

Bristol is such a great mom. She cares for Cameron in so many ways. One of the things I admire about Bristol is how she teaches Cameron. She is constantly teaching him new things, and he is constantly learning and showing off his new knowledge. She teaches him about God, the church, and the Bible. And to go along with that, one of my favorite things about Bristol is that she is such a great affirmer of Cameron. She affirms Cameron's ability to play music, sports, read the Bible, have polite manners, be kind, and most important, to love. Being a very loving person herself, no one should be surprised, but she is making Cameron into a man who loves those around him no matter what. Her deepest desire for Cameron is that he grows up to be a man of God, and it is prevalant in the choices she makes in mothering him. I'm priveleged to watch and know Bristol as a mom.

Love, Jenni

I cried. It was beautiful. My whole day. I love Cameron, God, my friends, my community, and all of the people who are in my life. Thank you God.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dude, Where's My Car?

Or, should I say.... What's wrong with my car?
This is my lovely story from yesterday.
I got off work, walked outside to the street and tried opening up the car.
The clicker didn't work.
I got stressed, but figured maybe the battery was dead.
So, I stuck my key into the lock and tried to turn it, wouldn't budge.
I walked all the way around the car, looking for another key insert.
None. Except the trunk.
(I don't know why I thought there might be one on the passenger door. Shows how long it has been since I haven't "automatically" opened up my car.)
Tried sticking the key into the lock on the trunk.
No Budge.
I can't believe I couldn't get into my car.
It was only two spots away from the driveway of my work.
A guy that I work with, Jorge, came over and tried to help me.
No luck.
My boss, Kim, came over and tried to help me.
No luck.
We laughed and joked about how strange it was that my car wasn't opening for me and that we had quite a problem on our hands.
Then, my boss Rob came out, and jokingly said,
"Are you sure that's your car?"
I looked inside and..... IT WASN'T MY CAR!
I had briefly glanced before, saw a carseat in the back and never thought that it might not be my car.
What are the odds that there would be another blue Jetta infront of my work?
I started laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants.
Oh my.
I can't believe I did that.
My car was only 2 cars away from the car I tried to break in to.
No wonder why my keys didn't work.
Wasn't that a good story!?