Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ok, so this post is all about pee and poop - don't think i'm weird!! :)

Whoo Hoo!!! It's official (I think) that Cameron is potty trained. Its been about 2 weeks since we started trying. First, it was an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon he wore his underwear.... and there were definitely some accidents. Thankfully no major ones. All the other moms at daycare are trying to work on potty training with their kids too. Unfortunately, they have all had to clean up dirty poop underwear!! haha, but Cameron has not blessed me with that gift yet! Hopefully he never does! For the last 3 days he has gone all day long in big boy underwear. NO MORE DIAPERS! Cameron first started calling his underwear panties... I put an end to that one quickly, and was trying to teach him the word underwear, but a boy at his daycare started calling his underwear chonies, and cameron got hooked on that name. So Cameron will say he is wearing his big boy chonies. He is excited every time he goes because he gets a goody. He has started getting tricky though, he will go to the bathroom, get a goody, and then say he has to go again right after.... and sure enough he does! and he wants a second goody. That tricky boy. Do it all in one sitting! HAHAHA. Enough about my lovely post! I've posted some akward pictures that I'm sure Cameron will be so embarrassed when he gets older. Maybe I should be embarrassed I took them! :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Learning How To Bend

I'm still learning how to pray
Trying hard not to stray
Try to see things your way
I'm still learning how to pray
I'm still learning how to trust
It's so hard to open up
And I'd do anything for us
I'm still learning how to trust

I'm still learning how to bend
How to let you in
In a world full of tears
We'll conquer all our fears
I'm still learning how to fly
I wanna take you higher
I'll be there till the end
I'll be your lover and your friend
I'm still learning how to bend

I'm just trying to understand
It's all in someone else's hands
There's always been a bigger plan
But I don't need to understand

OK, so I don't necessarily understand the "learning how to bend" part of the lyrics but I have been in love with this song since it came out. Yes, it is a COUNTRY song, and its sung by Gary Allan.

I love that I am constantly reminded how good God is. Whether it be hanging out with people and having good conversations, or listening to a song that has thought provoking lyrics.

This song always makes me think. I get so frustrated with God sometimes. I don't understand why He does the things He does. Why He puts people in your life and rips them away. Why He makes us learn the hard way sometimes. But, God does so many great things too. And everytime I hear that last verse I am reminded that I don't need to know why God does what He does. I need to be content in Him and TRUST God. I need to be able to comprehend that God does have a bigger plan.

I love knowing that truth. And of course, I always need the little reminders when I forget!

God is SOOO Good! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Question Time

SOOOO... I knew the time would come that Cameron would start asking "daddy" questions but I don't think I was really expecting it to happen NOW! I mean, he has always been pretty aware of other kids dads, especially at daycare since dads come to pick up his friends but it never made him think or wonder why he didnt have one. The other day he started asking for his dad, and crying because he wanted his daddy. SO RANDOM! I knew from the beginning it would be a sticky situation but I could explain it to him, although I dont think at 2 he can really comprehend any explanation I give him. I'm not writing this for any reason in particular, but I wanted to share the last part of this story. This morning I tried waking him up so I could get him ready and we could leave for the morning. When I did, he started crying, and guess what he asked said!? "I want my daddy now, no mommy no. Go away" HAHAHA oh man. I continued waking him up and started getting him dressed and decided to pursue a conversation with him about it. I asked him why he wanted his dad and who was that? because obviously he has never met him. His response was. My Daddy is CHURCH! I thought that was so cute. Atleast he is kinda getting the concept that God is his father. God fathers the fatherless :) I want to thank all of the awesome men in community that are coming around Cameron and loving on him. I'm so grateful for you guys helping me raise him into a man of Christ. He needs you men and will continue to need you. Thanks so much!

sorry, that was a weird post!