Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Surrender

I Surrender has to be one of my favorite Kim Walker songs. It's similar to other 'surrender' songs, but the way she sings it, the power, the passion it always makes me want to fall at God's feet and worship Him. Let go of everything and let God take control of my life once again. I always try to surrender ALL OF MY LIFE to God but when things start going smoothly, I begin to start handling things myself, and then sure enough I manage to screw up and need to be reminded of how wonderful God really is and He pieces it all back together for me, yet again. And, that's why I need to let Him, and will let Him be in complete control of my life. I surrender it all to Him. God is worth it. God's love is worth it. My life is worth it because God loves me and has an amazing plan and purpose for me.

There is no love, sweeter than the love You pour on me.
There is no song, sweeter than the song You sing to me.
There is no place, that I would rather be,
Than here at Your feet, laying down everything.

All to You, I surrender,
Everything, every part of me.
All to You, I surrender,
All of my dreams, all of me.

If worship's like perfume, I'll pour mine out on You.
For there is none as deserving of my love like You.
So take my hand and draw me into You,
I want to be swept away, lost in love for You.

I surrender...

No turning back,
I've made up my mind,
I'm giving all of my life this time.

Your love makes it worth it,
Your love makes it worth it all,
Your love makes it worth it all.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


It has been so hot lately. I just want to say McDonalds has amazing hot fudge sundaes for only $1. Such a deal! Yesterday after dinner I took Cameron there for a treat. When I pulled up to the drive through window the guy looked at me, looked at Cameron, and then said, "That's your baby?" I smiled at him and said "Yes." He looked at Cameron again and said to me, "Is he Mexican or what, he looks Mexican." Again, I smiled at him and said, "Yes, he is." So then, the guy asks me, "So, are you married to a Mexican? Where's your husband right now?" I politely answered back "I'm not married" smiled and drove off. It was such a weird conversation. People assume so many things, and I know i'm not the only person in the world with a "broken" family. Actually, I wouldn't say Cameron and I are a broken family because God knew it would be the two of us and I love it that way. But, the whole drive home had me thinking a lot. What if Cameron really understood what the guy was asking about my husband and being married? Would he ask about his dad? How would I handle that situation with Cameron? I guess i'm just not use to these reactions and comments. Any suggestions?

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Power of Sharing

This is an article from a Christian Pregnancy Clinic Newsletter
Spring 2009

The Power of Sharing

Tanya was counseling a client named Michelle — who was extremely abortion-minded. She was deathly afraid that her parents, especially her mom, would be against her having the baby. Toward the end of the counseling session, Tanya mentioned the story of another client named Bristol.

Bristol was a young Christian woman — she had a different background from Michelle yet she had been in Michelle’s exact same situation. When Bristol found herself pregnant, her mom pressured her to have an abortion … for months. But Bristol courageously decided to parent. She gave birth to a son, named Cameron, and her mother has completely fallen in love with Cameron. In fact, her parents see Bristol and Cameron all the time now since she lives less than a mile from them.

After Tanya mentioned this story to Michelle, the counseling session ended. Tanya tried to follow up, but couldn’t reach Michelle — unfortunately, she thought, Michelle probably had an abortion.

Several months later a client named Lisa came to _________ and Tanya began counseling her.

Lisa told Tanya, "Oh yeah, I found out about _______ through my friend Michelle. And oh, her baby is so cute!"

Tanya said, "Baby? You mean, Michelle had her baby?"

Lisa said, "Oh yes, a little boy named Mason. He is SO adorable!"

It turns out that Bristol’s story was the turning point for Michelle — it gave Michelle the courage to choose life for her baby and become a parent. And in turn, Michelle’s story gave Lisa the courage to carry to term!

That’s the power of sharing. Bristol’s decision saved not just her child — but two others and transformed three families. And no doubt, God is not finished yet!

How might God use YOU and your ability to SHARE to help save more lives like these in 2009?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Year

I wanted to blog about this on the exact date, but I was gone on the Mexico Trip. Last Tuesday I celebrated ONE FULL YEAR of being single. I know this is a silly thing to blog about but I am really excited about it. Last year at this time my heart was hurting so bad and I was so confused. It took a long time to process everything, but throughout this year I have grown so much more in love with Jesus. Really for the first time understanding that HE is all I need. I have said that before, but never experienced it in such a real way. For so long I desired things outside of God. I have been single for much longer than a year before, but being single didn't prevent me from being promiscuous and kissing boys. haha. But this time, it marks a full year of COMPLETE PURITY and I'm so proud of that. I have realized how worthy I am in God's eyes and that God's plan for a relationship and marriage is so worth living out. As ready as I feel for God to throw something/someone my way, I at the same time, don't want this streak to end because I am enjoying every bit of being focused and in love with ONLY GOD! (well, besides Cameron, family, and friends, but you know what I mean!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mexico 2009

It's that time. Tomorrow morning us leaders and a group of highschool students are off to do God's work in Ensenada, Mexico. I would appreciate it if you could pray for us and our trip. Here is a guideline for you.

Friday April 3: Driving to Southern California
Pray for: Safety in travels to Southern California, team unity during the drive, and for a contagious & growing excitement in our students!

Saturday April 4: Driving into Mexico
Pray for: Safety in travels to Mexico, a flawless border crossing for all our vehicles, and a quick and easy settlement into Base Camp Rancho El Refugion. Pray for safety in the base camps and with traveling as we drive to and from our base camps daily.

Sunday April 5: Day 1 at Ministry Sites
Pray for: A good first day in Ensenada with: good communication with our local pastors, a solid start to work projects, for local believers to work alongside us, the Mexican children and effective children's ministry programs, confidence for our students and an encouraging first day of Sports Ministry.

Monday April 6: Day 2 at Ministry Sites
Pray for: Strength and endurance on work projects, an effective VBS ministry, active Sports ministry, life changing ministry in San Luis for the Skate Ministry Team, and for God to speak to and through our Students; that students hearts for Mexican kids would grow rapidly, and for good rest at night, especially for adult leaders.

Tuesday April 7: Day 3 at Minsitry Sites
Pray for: God to be speaking to our students through our camps speaker, strong friendships to develop amoung our students, endurance for our translators and for our students to begin to encourage/love one another like never before. Also, good rest at night & strength during the day.

Wednesday April 8: Day 4 at Ministry Sites
Pray for:God's heart for the poor and needy to be revealed in new ways, true community amongst our team, boldness for our students to share Christ with new friends, safety on the work sites, and for Mexican children and villagers to come to Christ. Pray also for any of our students who do not know Christ to accept Him as their Saviour. Continued strength and endurance for our translators.

Thursday April 9: Final Day at Ministry Sites
Pray for: Possible basketball outreach at the local prison, for God to use our students in BIG ways during our last day at our sites, for healthy closure to relationships in our villages, and for God to reveal specific calls on students' lives.

Friday April 10: Driving back to Southern California
Pray for: Safety in travels back across the border, a fun afternoon in Coronado (with possible baptisms), a powerful debrief/process time at Rolling Hills Covenant, and for students to commit to holiness, caring for the poor, and other lasting changes upon returning home.

Saturday April 11: Driving back to PCC
Pray for: Safety in travels, unity and fun during the drive, happy reunions and transformed attitueds with parents, siblings, and families! Also please pray that the unity and momentum our youth group gains from Mexico would remain strong upon coming home!

PCC Mexico Team 2009:
Students: Jordan Denecour, Hannah Denecour, Sarah Singh, Samuel Dahlin, Rachele Constantini, Lisa Weishaar, Emily Ryan, Jack Miclean, Megan James, Samuel Sandquist, Hannah Gaddini, Jessica Morey, Kaila Manca, Graham Garvin, Savannah Connor, Nathaniel Elia, Cody Kaufman, Jake Wilkerson, Kate Miclean, Natalie Johnson, Hana Girardot, Spencer Ryan, Hanna Sandquist, Kelsey Ulrich, Katie Johnson, Monika Skinner, Gabriel Skinner, Emily Burns, Jordan Spradling, Levi Portillo, Michelle Quezada, Spencer Lewis, "Junior" Lupian
Leaders: Chelsea Ford, Carlos DeVitis, Slim Wilton, Russ Llewellyn, Chris Llewellyn, Doug Ryan, Joy Ryan, Rocky Giovannetti, David Portillo, Charlie Kenny, Kayla Marriucci, Stefan Johnson, Jenni Ingram, Ron Dahlin, Paco Lopez, Tim Worthington, Shelly Worthington, Bristol Connor, Michele Perez, Israel Soler