Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I finally get it!

Two weekends ago I went to my cousin Amy's wedding in Texas. It was a beautiful wedding. I love weddings and I have so many friends getting married. Well, my cousin Amy and Anthony just got back from their honeymoon and her "new" husbands status on facebook this morning was... "Anthony Hilbers is finally married to the woman of his dreams!" Isn't that sweet? I read that and of course I gushed and was so happy and excited for Amy. And what an awesome guy to say that and really, genuinely feel that! After I soaked it in, I got sad for myself. I get so selfish sometimes. Of course, I started wondering if any man would really ever feel that way for me, or am I going to be single forever... blah blah blah. BUT, as I was driving after work to go pick up Cameron, I was praying and noticed how beautiful the hills looked, and then BAM all of a sudden I got it. I realized that God looks at me just like that. God loves me just as much, even more! Not only is God my Father, and my brother, but He is my lover, my romancer. God pursues me. He loves me. Unconditionally. I feel so content and happy and free. How has it taken me so long to understand who God really and truly is!? I feel and see God in such a different way. Its amazing.

Here is a verse from the Song "Beautiful" by Bethany Dillon

You make me beautiful
You make me stand in awe
You step inside my heart, and I am amazed
I love to hear You say
Who I am is quite enough
You make me worthy of love and beautiful

Also, here is an awesome verse

Psalm 59:17
O my Strength, I sing praise to you; you, O God, are my fortress, my loving God.

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