Wednesday, June 3, 2009


For Memorial Day Weekend Cameron and I joined some friends in Clearlake. This was our first time there! I'm glad I got to go and spend a long weekend with my sweet friend Alaina, her son Dylan, her fiance Mike, and meet some of their other friends. Our weekend consisted of hanging out on the lake, taking Cameron on his first boatride, bike riding, watching destruction derby at the speedway in lakeport, and so much more. Here are some pictures:
Ralph and Amy (Alaina and Mike's friends who we stayed with) live right in the "keys" of clearlake, so their house was directly on the water. Here is Cameron playing on the dock with a water gun. He and Dylan had fun spraying all of the spiders with water!

Alaina and I hanging while the kids played!

Cameron going on a bike ride adventure! He helped Dylan learn how to ride his own bike!

Cameron and myself getting ready to go out to the main lake on the fishing boat!

Cameron and Dylan excited to go superfast on the boat (once it started going fast, they both got scared!)The two of us out on Clearlake!

Cameron and Dylan at the Lakeport Speedway watching the race cars!

At the speedway they had several events of race car driving, at the very end of the night, they sprayed the entire race track with water, then brought out cars for destruction derby, BUT all of the cars had junk boats attached to the back of them, so it was destruction derby with cars and boats! It was crazy with fiberglass flying everywhere! So Funny! The boys loved it!

It was a fun weekend full of new adventures! I'm so grateful for the people I met and how much they blessed us by opening up their home!

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