Friday, April 17, 2009

The Power of Sharing

This is an article from a Christian Pregnancy Clinic Newsletter
Spring 2009

The Power of Sharing

Tanya was counseling a client named Michelle — who was extremely abortion-minded. She was deathly afraid that her parents, especially her mom, would be against her having the baby. Toward the end of the counseling session, Tanya mentioned the story of another client named Bristol.

Bristol was a young Christian woman — she had a different background from Michelle yet she had been in Michelle’s exact same situation. When Bristol found herself pregnant, her mom pressured her to have an abortion … for months. But Bristol courageously decided to parent. She gave birth to a son, named Cameron, and her mother has completely fallen in love with Cameron. In fact, her parents see Bristol and Cameron all the time now since she lives less than a mile from them.

After Tanya mentioned this story to Michelle, the counseling session ended. Tanya tried to follow up, but couldn’t reach Michelle — unfortunately, she thought, Michelle probably had an abortion.

Several months later a client named Lisa came to _________ and Tanya began counseling her.

Lisa told Tanya, "Oh yeah, I found out about _______ through my friend Michelle. And oh, her baby is so cute!"

Tanya said, "Baby? You mean, Michelle had her baby?"

Lisa said, "Oh yes, a little boy named Mason. He is SO adorable!"

It turns out that Bristol’s story was the turning point for Michelle — it gave Michelle the courage to choose life for her baby and become a parent. And in turn, Michelle’s story gave Lisa the courage to carry to term!

That’s the power of sharing. Bristol’s decision saved not just her child — but two others and transformed three families. And no doubt, God is not finished yet!

How might God use YOU and your ability to SHARE to help save more lives like these in 2009?


Kerry said...

This is really cool. It blows my mind that God does stuff like this. It's so cool when God takes things in our lives that could potentially be our defeat and then turns it around and uses it to point towards Him and the kind of new creation work He wants to do in us and those around us. It's awesome that you get to hear about this. Thanks for sharing.

elise said...

Yup, that made me cry. Thanks for sharing that!

Tony's 2 Cents said...


(how come __________ was left out and made an empty space..)?


Bristol said...


I know bummer. I had the name of First Resort there, but they asked that I remove it because if someone were to search for their site they don't want my blog coming up because then they might get an impression of first resorts possible stance i guess.

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