Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Year

I wanted to blog about this on the exact date, but I was gone on the Mexico Trip. Last Tuesday I celebrated ONE FULL YEAR of being single. I know this is a silly thing to blog about but I am really excited about it. Last year at this time my heart was hurting so bad and I was so confused. It took a long time to process everything, but throughout this year I have grown so much more in love with Jesus. Really for the first time understanding that HE is all I need. I have said that before, but never experienced it in such a real way. For so long I desired things outside of God. I have been single for much longer than a year before, but being single didn't prevent me from being promiscuous and kissing boys. haha. But this time, it marks a full year of COMPLETE PURITY and I'm so proud of that. I have realized how worthy I am in God's eyes and that God's plan for a relationship and marriage is so worth living out. As ready as I feel for God to throw something/someone my way, I at the same time, don't want this streak to end because I am enjoying every bit of being focused and in love with ONLY GOD! (well, besides Cameron, family, and friends, but you know what I mean!)


elise said...

I love it! And you, Bristol! You're so encouraging and precious. Thanks for being a part of my life.

Rashell said...

Thanks for sharing and it has been amazing to watch you grow during this time. As I have told you before you really inspire me you are a truely amazing person and I love you!

Kirsten & Chris said...

I love it! Keep sharing what you have learned - especially with young females in the church. I grew up in the church and totally missed that I was WORTH waiting for because Christ gave me worth and God made me worthy. The only message I heard was that I was bad if I didn't "follow the rules". I love your post above, too!