Friday, February 13, 2009


I just got a voicemail from Laurie at First Resort. First Resort is a christian pregnancy clinic that I went to right when I found out I was pregnant. First Resort asked my mom, Cameron, and me to tell our story on a video that they would show to people that would walk through their doors. (Of course, there were many other stories on the video too.) We filmed it when Cameron was only a few months old. Anyways, Laurie left me a message today saying that a young lady had gone into the center for some advice, counseling, and watched the video. Many months later they found out she kept the baby, because of OUR STORY! I guess I never realized what an impact it could be, but I'm so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to bless people because God is a Sovereign God! I get to call her back when I get off work today, and she is hoping that I can meet this woman over lunch! I would love that. I'm so stoked on God right now. I am so blessed by the decision I made with Cameron, and I couldn't imagine my life any other way! I will blog about this more later! :)



elise said...

That's amazing! I hope you get to meet with her, and I want to hear the story!

Tony's 2 Cents said...

YES...and there WILL be more stories like that one to come!