Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Let It Go

I have been meaning to write this post for weeks now. Man, where does the time go!

Over the last 4 months I have gone through such a hard but amazing process. A process of brokenness, growing, and healing. As much as it hurt, I am thankful I experienced it all. Every emotion. It took me so long to finally be able to "let go" of things and move on. Over the last month and half I finally was able to do that. It has been such a rejuvenating feeling. It's so great to know that God can teach me things and move in me whenever He wants to! :) About 2 weeks ago I got the new Andrea Hamilton CD and have been listening to it on repeat! There is one track on the cd called "Let It Go," and the first time I heard it I felt so affirmed by the lyrics. I felt like she was singing about my last four months and finally affirming me in the decision I made over the last 5 weeks. I know God has something amazing in store for me!

These are the lyrics:

Remember how we got started*
Empty handed but open hearted*
Arms wide nothing to hide nothing to prove*
We weren't scared of anything*
Stepping out and jumping in*
To whatever our hearts wanted to do*
Then what happened, I gave it all I had*
Why did it hurt me so bad*
Oh just let it go*
Somehow we got stranded*
Wounded, misunderstanding*
and love hardly feels inviting anymore*
The past got buried in pride*
It's hard to hold but easy to hide*
and I can tell it's weighing on my soul*
Is it worth it, when I take a look inside*
all the heartache I find*
Oh just let it go*
Oh just let it go*
It's safe between the walls we build*
Tall with stones and anger filled*
But it's lonely and it's cold*
Oh just let it go*
Oh just let it go*
You were told a lie, let it go*
Tired of trying, let it go*
You're worried about tomorrow, let it go*
Full of pain and sorrow, let it go*
If you're angry about the past, love that didn't last*
Dreams that died too fast, let it go*
Oh just let it go*

God is constantly teaching me lessons and humbling me. I love knowing that I have such a wonderful Savior on my side who is willing to listen to me cry, and be mad and angry, and yet God has such a divine plan for me and He can't wait until I walk in His path to find it and give praises to Him!

Check out Andrea Hamilton's music too! Its amazing!

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Andrea Hamilton said...

I'm glad that this expression of something that God is continually teaching me can also help you. It makes it all worth it.