Friday, August 29, 2008

Cameron puts on a show #2 (The Apple Song)

This is the better video of the two! Cameron sings the "apple" song, I believe, and he even points to who he is singing to! I think its crazy that he makes up his own songs. I mean, its jibber jabber, he isn't really saying words, but I think its precious! :)

Do I have a musician on my hands? What do you think?


Kirsten & Chris said...

I think he said that there's an apple for him, an apple for the people he was singing to, and one for mommy. What a thoughtful boy.
Have you seen the YouTube video of the little kid in Japan, standing on a couch in his "chonies" (or diaper, I can't remember) singing "Hey Jude"? This video kind of reminded me of that.

Jenni said...

i don't think i even realized he was singing about an apple while i was there. but watching it again, it is quite obvious. he's so adorable. I can't wait till he makes it big!