Friday, October 2, 2009

Cameron's FIRST day of preschool

On August 24, Cameron started his very first day of preschool. I was so nervous for him to start, it seemed like such a big step, but of course, I exagerate everything! Jenni, Katie, and my mom were all there to drop him off on his first day. Cameron's entourage. Haha. Since this is a late post, I can give an update about his school. He absolutely loves it. He is thriving. I bring home atleast 3 art projects a day! Cameron is really into art. He is able to write out his full name on his projects now too. Just yesterday he started singing me a song about all the months in a year. He is so smart! The school's focus is curriculum, and it is so obvious when he comes home with all these new concepts and ideas! On top of the school's curriculm they also have these programs for the kids.... everyother monday is music class, every other wednesday is palercize (which is a kids aerobics class), every other thursday they have cosmo jumps, every other friday they have one on one basketball class, and every other friday they have spanish class. AMAZING!

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