Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marine World

We went to Marine World a few weekends ago. Well, it's actually called Discovery Kingdom now. I had never gone before, but have lived here my whole life! Crazy! It was so much fun. We also have two friends here for the summer as interns from Malawi, Africa, Funa and Christina, and they got to experience it for the first time too. Cameron loved, and I mean, LOVED the rollercoasters. No, not the puny, whimpy ones, but the fast, scary ones! I couldn't believe my little boy (okay, he's growing up but I can't admit it) wanted to taste danger and seek thrills! Here are some fun photos: Cameron with some characters

Cameron with Shouka the whale! Look at Cam's smile! :)

The dolphin show!

Cameron and I on the little kid roller coaster that wasn't crazy enough for him!

Mommy and Camo

Cameron kissing his Shouka stuffed animal that Katie and Charmaine bought him!

The Shouka Whale show!

Katie, Charmaine, and Cameron on his favorite ride, the really really spinny fast one! ugh!

Here they are on the ride again, while it's going, it was spinning so fast and Cameron kept yelling "faster."

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