Friday, December 12, 2008

Planned Parenthood Gift Certificates?

I read about this on my friend Leanne's blog, and decided to research it a bit more. I can't believe this. Planned Parenthoods in Indiana are selling gift certificates this holiday season. There are no restrictions on the certificates so they can be used for anything INCLUDING ABORTION. I feel sick just thinking of the thought. I know, my view on this is very conservative, and maybe people think it's a great idea because it's important to have health care, and if you can't afford a regular check up, this could help. But, come one. Let's bless those people in other ways. Not by giving them a certificate to help fund their abortion.

What are your thoughts on this?

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elise said...

I think that's so sad! Part of me can't believe it, and part of me isn't really surprised...