Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top 10 Cameron Phrases

1. What you doin' mommy? (He asks this every 5 minutes!)

2. Mommy, I want be happy together.

3. I want snuggle you.

4. That's so siwwy, goofy! (siwwy=silly)

5. I too little. (He uses this line when he doesn't want to do something. ie: doesn't want to go to the park, doesn't want to get in his carseat, doesn't want to go say hi to someone, etc!)

6. I too busy. (He uses this line also, when he doesn't want to do something. ie: talk on the phone, play a game, eat dinner, etc!)

7. Two more minutes, mama. (He has no concept of time, but when he is really wrapped up in something he asks for two more minutes, and when its time to clean up he gets upset and says he asked for two minutes, even though realisticly he played it for an additional 10 minutes!)

8. I all done.

9. I want attack you. (uh - oh! He has been watching too much hockey and wants to attack like they do on the ice!_

10. I gotta go pee. (Hooray! Cameron is potty trained and ask by himself to go! Sometimes he asks to go even when he doesn't need to, but we are getting better about this!)


Kirsten & Chris said...

Sounds like a very fun age. I bet you hope the snuggle one lasts as long as possible. :)

Jenni said...

This is hilarious! Especially the "I too little."