Friday, October 31, 2008

Sharks Win Again

Went to the San Jose Sharks game last night against the Detroit Red Wings. It was a highly anticipated game. The Red Wings knocked the Sharks out of the Stanley Cup playoffs last year, and the Sharks new head coach is Detroit's old assistant coach!

We watched the Sharks warm up on the ice and I took a picture of this guy because I didn't recognize his name. It turns out, his name is Jamie McGinn. He is a rookie this year, and this past Tuesday was his first NHL game! And, last night, Thursday, he scored his FIRST GOAL! He also had an assist! Such a good game for him. I thought he looked young, checked it out today and he is only 20 years old. Amazing!

Good picture of Jeremy Roenick. I heard he is retiring after this year.

Picture of Chris and I. I got the tickets as his birthday gift.

Picture of the Sharks beating the Red Wings :)

I knew the Davidson's would be at the game, but I forgot my phone at home and couldn't get in touch with them. It turned out, they were sitting in the exact same section as us and only one row below us and a few seats over! We got to ride the train home together!

I had some important talks last night and I'm grateful for a loving God that want's best for me. It was a good night of talking, laughing, cheering and closure.

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