Thursday, July 3, 2008

Question Time

SOOOO... I knew the time would come that Cameron would start asking "daddy" questions but I don't think I was really expecting it to happen NOW! I mean, he has always been pretty aware of other kids dads, especially at daycare since dads come to pick up his friends but it never made him think or wonder why he didnt have one. The other day he started asking for his dad, and crying because he wanted his daddy. SO RANDOM! I knew from the beginning it would be a sticky situation but I could explain it to him, although I dont think at 2 he can really comprehend any explanation I give him. I'm not writing this for any reason in particular, but I wanted to share the last part of this story. This morning I tried waking him up so I could get him ready and we could leave for the morning. When I did, he started crying, and guess what he asked said!? "I want my daddy now, no mommy no. Go away" HAHAHA oh man. I continued waking him up and started getting him dressed and decided to pursue a conversation with him about it. I asked him why he wanted his dad and who was that? because obviously he has never met him. His response was. My Daddy is CHURCH! I thought that was so cute. Atleast he is kinda getting the concept that God is his father. God fathers the fatherless :) I want to thank all of the awesome men in community that are coming around Cameron and loving on him. I'm so grateful for you guys helping me raise him into a man of Christ. He needs you men and will continue to need you. Thanks so much!

sorry, that was a weird post!


ryan said...

thats so stinkin awesome! you are such a good mother and it is awesome that he has good godly men to be around.

your brother in christ,
bad breath

Kirsten & Chris said...

It's not a weird post at all. Thanks for sharing. His response IS really cute. He does have MANY godly men as role models at PCC. I miss that community. So glad you and Cameron are there!

Jenni said...

i love cameron. and i'm so glad that you are teaching him that God is His Father. I pray that him understanding that will grow deeper and deeper. I'll be praying for wisdom for you as you answer the "sticky" daddy questions.