Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cameron's Heart

I love Cameron. This sweet boy's heart is so big. Sometimes He is the one teaching me things. On Saturday night we went to San Francisco with some friends and walked around the warf and pier 39. At the end of the night, we stopped at in-n-out along the warf for dinner. There was a homeless man outside sitting on the ground asking everyone who walked by for money or food. When we got inside in-n-out, Cameron said to me, "mom, maybe we should buy him a hamburger." I was taken aback by the love my child has. So we ordered 1 hamburger to go. When we got it, I asked Cameron if he wanted to give it to the man or if I should, sure enough my bold boy wanted to do it. So we walked outside, and handed it to him. The man said thank you and asked Cameron for his name. After his response, Cameron asked him for his and they exchanged dialogue. After a couple minutes of Cameron chatting with Richard, a different lady brought over another hamburger. Cameron smiled, look at Richard and said "You sure are going to enjoy those two hamburgers." Richard said "I am going to suck them up like a hoover vacuum" and Cameron said "thats weird!" It was precious. We ended up talking to Richard for a while and hearing about his story, his struggles, his addictions, and we prayed for him. Yup, you guessed it Cameron wanted to pray for him too. I am so grateful for Cameron and the love he has for others, without judging, or being scared.


Mama Jan said...

You are raising one AMAZING little boy with a HUGE heart! You're doing an awesome job, Mama - keep it up! <3

Anonymous said...

that is too precious. :)

This is required by Google law said...


Cameron is Amazing! I hope you guy's are well.